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Visual Sensor VDS10-BQ0106-RD

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  • Light Source:Polarized red light
  • Protection Degree:IP67
  • Focal Length:

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Shutteroverall situation
Pixel Size3μmx3μm
Target Size1/4"
Light SourcePolarized red light
Input ControlTwo optocoupler isolation inputs,supporting NPN and PNP types
Output ControlThree non-isolated outputs
Communication InterfaceRS232,Ethernet
Power Input24V DC
Overall Dimension47*25*43mm
Storage Temperature-20℃~70℃
Humidity5%~95%RH,no condensation
Visual ToolsCount: spot count,pattern count,edge count; Yes or no: spots,patterns,colors,edges,circles,straight lines
Equipment Monitoring1~12 visual sensors detect real-time images
Resolution (HxV)1280*800
Maximum Acquisition Frame Rate (fps)0.6
Color/black And Whiteblack and white
Time Of Exposure20μs~10000μs
Focus ModeLiquid focusing
Focal Distance6mm
Working Distance30~300mm(@~manual operation),40~300mm(@~liquid state)
Position IndicationTwo green light points indicate the central area of the scanning position
Status Indication3 status LEDs and buzzers
PolarizerPolarization integrated model
Communication ProtocolTCP Server,TCP Client,ModBus TCP,MELSEC,SLMP,Serial
Data InterfaceFast Ethernet(100Mbit/s)
Power Dissipation5W
Working Temperature0~45℃
Protection DegreeIP67
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