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Servo Cylinder DGTY Series - DGTY4

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Ball Screw Lead:2/6/12(mm)
Maximum rotating speed: 3000/3600/3600(rpm)
Maximum Speed | Horizontal:≦100/≦360/≦720(mm/s)
Maximum Speed | Vertical:≦100/≦360/≦720 (mm/s)
Maximum Payload | Horizontal:≦25/≦20/≦12(kg)
Maximum Payload | Vertical:≦8/≦5/≦2 (kg)
Rated Thrust:827/276/138(N)
Stroke/Pitch :50-500 / 50 pitch (mm)

*The maximum speed shown here is when software speed setting is 100%
* If payload is near maximum ,it requires to collocate externally with auxiliary guideway for bearing radial load.

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