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Safety Relay Module

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Brand: ESPE

Model: ESR Series

Product Feature:

1.Meet the safety requirements of EN ISO13849-1(category 4、PL e);

2.Relay module output: 2 normally open contacts and 1 normally closed contact;

3.With manual reset and automatic reset for selection;

4.Suitable for the monitoring of various signals in industrial sites with high safety requirements;

5.such as emergency stop buttons, safety door switches, safety light curtains and two-hand buttons.

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Technical Parameters

Standard level
Reference standardEN/ISO 13849-1
Safety levelEN/ISO 13849-1 category 4
Electric parameter
Supply voltageDC24V±10%
Power consumption<3W
Response time<20ms
Suction buffer time<50ms
Power-on restart time<1s
Protective circuitInput power over voltage and over current protection.Anti reverse-connection protection
Safety inputDouble NPN normally closed input (ESRN model)Double PNP normally closed input (ESRP model)Double-channel safety door or emergency stop button (ESRS model)
Input synchronouslyS1 is always before S2
Safety output2 circuit normally open dry contact, 1 circuit normally closed dry contact3 circuit normally open dry contact, 1 circuit normally closed dry contact
Contacting ratingAC15: 5A/250VDC13: 6A/24V
Electric lifespan≥10,000 times
Mechanical lifespan≥10 millions times
Vibration resistanceFrequency 10Hz~55Hz, amplitude 0.35±0.05mm, 20 times each at X, Y, Z direction
Shock resistanceAcceleration 10g, pulse duration 16ms, 1000 times each at X, Y, Z direction
Operational temperature-10~+55ºC
Storage temperature-40~+85ºC
Protection levelHousing protection/terminal protection: IP40/IP20
Installation35mm DIN navigation
Traverse size0.2~2.5mm²
Size (mm)117*100.6*22.5

Explanation of Model Number

Safety Relay Module

Product Size

Safety Relay Module

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