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LGA10 270° Laser Scanner

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Brand: ESPE

Model: LGA10


  1. Accurate realistic target restoration ±30mm detection precision;

  2. 62mm * 62mm*83mm (max) compact size;

  3. Customized multi-angle view for different requirement;

  4. Detecting distance can reach 20m;

  5. 0.18° minimum angular;

  6. Strong recognition ability even low reflectivity.

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Mô tả sản phẩm

Technical Parameter


Detection distance

0.1-8m (reflectivity 20%)

0.1-20m (relfectivity 90%)

Detection range270°
Scanning principlePulse TOF
Laser levelLevel 1 ( IEC60825-1:2014, EN60825-1:2014)
Wave length905nm
Sampling rate20KHz
Scanning frequency10Hz, 20Hz can be set

Horizontal angular


Response time100ms
Startup time8s
Channel15 (each channel includes 3 detection areas)
Operating current (DC24V)≤100ma (signal output not by IO) 
Switching input4 
Switching output4 (2 for NPN area warning signals, 1 pair for NPN OSSD safety output signal) NPN or PNP output 
Protection rateIP65 
Anti-optical interference100000 Lux
Dimension (max)

62mm * 62mm *79mm

Sine vibration frequency

10 Hz-1000Hz, acceleration 5g, 10 time each at X, Y,Z

Randon vibration frequency

5Hz-250H, Gr.m.s=4.24g, 5 hours each at X,Y,Z direction

Impact resistance

196/(20G) 3000 times each at X, Y and Z directions.



EN IEC61000-6-2:2019; EN61000-6-4:2019
Indicator4 (3 for area signal, 1 for faulty signal)
Communication interface(USB or RS232 or RS485) & Ethernet
Power supplyDC9-28V
Rated power<1.5W (without load)
Starting power<3W (without load)
Operating temperature-10℃-55℃
Storage temperature-20℃ - 70℃
Operating humidityBelow 85% RH

Product Feature

LGA10 320° Scan High Performance Laser Scanner

Product Size

LGA10 320° Scan High Performance Laser Scanner

Wire Connection

LGA10 320° Scan High Performance Laser Scanner

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