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AMK3000P22 | MK300

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Order product numberAMK3000P22
productInverter MK300
detailedSingle-phase 200V input type standard load specification 0.2kW
product nameMK300

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Detailed specifications

Order product numberAMK3000P22
Standard applicable motor output (kW)0.2kW
Rated output: rated voltageThree-phase 200V~230V AC (power supply voltage ratio)
Rated output: overload current ratingStandard load specification: 150% of rated output current for 1 minute Light load specification: 120% of rated output current for 1 minute
Input power: phase number•voltage•frequencySingle phase 200V~230V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Input power supply: the voltage is allowed to change+10%, -15% of rated input AC voltage
Input power supply: the frequency is allowed to change±5% of rated input frequency
Input Power: Instantaneous voltage drop tolerance·Continue to run above 165V AC ·Continue to run for 15ms when it drops below 165V AC
Output Frequency: Frequency RangeV/F control: 0.2Hz~400Hz Sensorless vector control: 0.5Hz~120Hz
Output frequency: frequency displayDigital Display
Output Frequency: Frequency AccuracyAnalog setting: within ±0.5% of the maximum set frequency (25°C±10°C) Digital setting: within ±0.01% of the maximum set frequency (-10°C~+50°C)
Output Frequency: Frequency ResolutionAnalog setting: 0.1Hz (50Hz/60Hz mode) Digital setting: 0.1Hz
Inverter control modeHigh carrier frequency sine wave PWM control (V/F control, sensorless vector control can be selected)
carrier frequency・V/F control setting: 9 types can be selected (0.8kHz~15.0kHz variable) ・Sensorless vector control setting: 6 types can be selected (2.5kHz~15.0kHz variable) (0.8kHz, 1.1kHz , 1.6kHz, 2.5kHz, 5.0kHz, 7.5kHz, 10.0kHz, 12.5kHz, 15.0kHz)
run: run•stop・Operation panel switch ・1a contact signal, 3-wire input (1a, 1b contact signal) can be selected ・RS485 communication ・Standby time can be set (0.1 seconds to 100 seconds)
Operation: Forward rotation • Reverse rotation·Operation panel switch ·1a contact signal (can be set to prohibit reverse rotation) ·RS485 communication
Run: jog runThe operating frequency can be set arbitrarily from 0.2Hz to 400Hz, and the acceleration and deceleration time can be set arbitrarily from 0.04 seconds to 3600 seconds
Run: stop modeDeceleration stop/coast stop (selection switching)
Operation: reset functionStop signal reset, external reset, panel reset (can be set) and power reset
Run: start frequencyIt can be set arbitrarily at 0.2Hz~60Hz
run: stop frequencyIt can be set arbitrarily at 0.2Hz~60Hz
Running: Momentarily stop and start running againRestart 0Hz, restart running frequency, restart speed search (selection switching)
run: speed searchSpeed ​​search at startup (configurable)
run: retry functionRetry selection: function on/off, retry abnormal content selection Retry times: 1 to 10 times can be set arbitrarily
Control: Frequency setting signalPanel setting (operation panel): Digital setting External control operation Analog setting signal: Potentiometer (10kΩ, 1/4W or more) 0V~5V DC, 0V~10V DC 4mA~20mA, 0mA~20mA external control Operation digital setting signal: PWM signal (signal period: 1ms~2000ms), pulse input signal Frequency rising SW, falling SW, storage SW signal Communication setting: RS485 communication
Control: Voltage/Frequency CharacteristicsBase frequency: fixed at 50Hz·60Hz, arbitrarily set at 45Hz~400Hz 3-point V/F mode: arbitrarily set voltage and frequency V/F curve: constant torque·reduced torque mode (selection switching)
Control: Torque Boost0% to 40% can be set arbitrarily, automatic torque boost (optional)
Control: acceleration and deceleration time0.04 seconds to 3600 seconds (individual setting of acceleration and deceleration)
Control: Acceleration and deceleration characteristicsLinear, S-shaped acceleration and deceleration (optional)
Control: 2nd function selectionSelect the second function (acceleration/deceleration time, torque boost, voltage/frequency characteristic (base frequency, 3-point V/F mode), electronic thermal, analog frequency setting)
Control: multi-speed frequency settingMulti-speed operation: Up to 16 speeds can be set (frequency can be set arbitrarily) Timer operation: Up to 8 speeds can be set (frequency can be set arbitrarily) Can be linked with acceleration and deceleration time
Controls: Frequency Jump SettingUp to 3 places can be set (the frequency jump range can be set arbitrarily between 1Hz and 10Hz)
Control: upper limit frequency setting0.2Hz~400Hz can be set arbitrarily
Control: lower limit frequency setting0.2Hz~400Hz can be set arbitrarily
Control: Offset·Gain frequency settingBias frequency: -99% to 250% can be set arbitrarily Gain frequency: 0% to 500% can be set arbitrarily
Control: External stop functionExternal abnormal stop, coast stop (selection setting)
Control: PID functionPID control mode (can be set)
Control: Offline auto-tuning functionAuto-tuning of motor constants
Control: Cooling fan ON/OFF controlCan be set
Control: communication function·Interface: RS485 serial communication ·Communication speed: 4800bps/9600bps/19200bps/38400bps/57600bps/115200bps (optional) ·Protocol: MEWTOCOL-COM/Modbus-RTU/Modbus-ASCII (choose switching) ·Communication method: semi-double Work mode Maximum number of connected units: 31 Maximum transmission distance: 500m (total wiring length)
Braking: regenerative braking torque200V 0.2kW: 100% or more 0.4kW: 80% or more 0.75kW~2.2kW: 20% or more 400V 0.75kW~15kW: 20% or more
Braking: DC brakingAction below the stop frequency Braking torque level: 0% to 100% Braking time: 0.1 seconds to 120 seconds can be set arbitrarily
Output signal: Analog outputOutput specification: 0V ~ 10V DC (Max. 1mA) Output function: Output frequency and output current ratio (selection switching)
Output signal: open collector outputOutput specifications: Maximum rated 50V DC, 50mA Output functions: Running signal, arrival signal, overload alarm, frequency detection, reverse signal, abnormal alarm, current detection, timer end signal, output frequency/current proportional PWM signal, output frequency /current proportional pulse train signal (optional)
Output signal: relay outputOutput specifications: 1c contact (contact capacity 230V AC, 0.25A resistive load, 30V DC, 1A resistive load) Output functions: running signal, arrival signal, overload alarm, frequency detection, reverse signal, abnormal alarm, current detection, timing End of signal (optional)
Display: Running•Control statusOutput frequency, line speed display (selection switching), output voltage in rotation direction, internal DC voltage, set frequency, communication station number, timer running times, alarm type, control circuit terminal status (input signal, output signal), operating status , PID (set value, measured value, output value), auto-tuning progress status, cumulative running time, cumulative fan running time
Display: exception contentSymbols are displayed when the protection function operates (abnormal content can be stored 4 times)
Protection: current limitingThe current limiting function can be set at 1% to 200% of the rated output current
Protection: trip (stop)Instantaneous overcurrent (SC1-6), abnormal temperature (OH) (Note) overcurrent (OC1-3), overload electronic thermal relay (OL), undervoltage (LU), overvoltage (OU1-3), Cooling fan failure (FAn, FAn2), external abnormality (AU), operation abnormality (OP), CPU error (CPU, ErrC). (Note): When the output frequency is low, the temperature protection level will change automatically.
Protection: Anti-stall functionPrevent overcurrent stall, prevent overvoltage stall
Environment: Ambient temperature and humidity-10°C to +50°C (note) (no freezing), 90%RH or less (no condensation) (note): -10°C to +40°C for horizontal close mounting, 5.5kW to 15kW light load specifications Temperature: -10℃~+40℃.
Environment: storage temperature·humidity-25℃~+65℃, below 95%RH
environment: vibratingBelow 5.9m/s2(0.6G)
environment: elevationBelow the altitude of 1000m
Environment: place of useIndoors; places free of metal powder, oil, water and other foreign matter intrusion; places free of oil mist, dust, radioactive substances, flammable objects, gases and other corrosive gases and liquids; places with less salt
protective structureIP20 panel mounting type
cooling methodBelow 0.75kW: Self-cooling, 1.5kW~15kW: Air-cooling
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