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SSR21 Contactless Safety Door Switch

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Brand: ESPE

Model: SSR21 series

Feature: Safety switch is a kind device used for monitoring open and close status of movable protective mechanisms such as safety fence door, and protective cover. RFID technology ensure higher security & confidentiality. Sensor & lavel can be matched with universal or unique coding. Small size for easy installation.

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Technical Parameter





Power supplyDC24V±15%
Response time50ms
Output current150mA

Safety output


PNP or NPN (transistor output)

Load current below 200mA, residual voltage below 1V

(except voltage drop caused by cable extension), leakage current below 1mA

Protective circuitOvervoltage protection, power supply reverse polarity protection, and overcurrent protection
Encoding typeUniversal encoding, unique encoding
Detection range:Horizontal: 0-10mm, vertical: 0-5mm
Protection rateIP65
Housing setectional size36*23mm

frequency 10 Hz - 55 Hz, amplitude 0.35±0.05mm, 20 times

each at X, Y, Z directions

Ambient working temperature-10°C-55°C (no freezing)
Storage temperature-30°C-70°C (no freezing)
Working humityWhen temperature 20°C, humidity max 85%

Model Selection Table


ModelConfigurationOutput SignalEncoding mode

Simple type

NPNUniversal encoding
SSR21-01NUnique encoding
SSR21-00PPNPUniversal encoding
SSR21-01PUnique encoding
SSR21-10NStandard typeNPNUniversal encoding
SSR21-11NUnique encoding
SSR21-10PPNPUniversal encoding
SSR21-11PUnique encoding

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