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Square Sensor PTE-TM10AN

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- Detection Method:Thru-beam

- Detection Distance:10m

- Output Mode:NPN open collector

- Response Time :33ms

- Light Source:Red Light LED 623nm(modulation)

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Detection MethodThru-beam
Detection Distance10m
Output ModeNPN open collector
Switch ModeL.on(light entry action)/D.on(shading action) can be switched
Response Time33ms
Light SourceRed Light LED 623nm(modulation)
Working Voltage10~30V DC
Current Consumptionemitter<20mA; receiver<20mA
Load Current<100mA
Ambient Temperature-25℃~+55℃,no freezing
Ambient Humidity35%~85%RH,no condensation
Circuit ProtectionReverse polarity protection,short circuit protection
Protection DegreeIP65
Connection Method2M/3 core cable 4mm diameter
MaterialPBT+glass fiber(shell) PMMA(lens)
Detacted ObjectOpaque objects above Φ12mm
IndicatorEmitter: Power indicator: green; Receiver: Working Indicator: green; Action indicator: red
Sensitivity AdjustmentSingleturn Potentiometer
Ambient IlluminanceSunlight≤10,000 Lux,incandescent lamp ≤3,000 Lux
Vibration Resistance10~50Hz,0.5mm amplitude,2 hours each in the three directions of X,Y and Z

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